s spüt si o

Koehne Quartet and Kollegium Kalksburg

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Where avantgarde meets the Wienerlied: The Wienerlied represents sparkling expressions of love of life and wine flowing like water on one hand, and of fatalism, the drive to self-destruction and the eternal yearning for death on the other. Kollegium Kalksburg consists of Heinz Ditsch, Wolfgang Vincenz Wizlsperger and Paul Skrepek, all professional drunkards by self-definition. On their third CD, together with the Koehne Quartet they present sixteen Wienerlieder far away from the usual singsong mass-manufactured for tourists. Very funny – and very raffish.

1 Wein auf Wein
2 A Weana in Rom
3 Laterndal
4 Beim Wein derfst ned fad sein
5 Kaffehäfal Landla
6 Peppal
7 S spüt si o
8 Weintrilogie
  - Waun I mei Weindal beiß
  - I hob´s G´füh
  - Du liaba guata Wein
9 S spüt si o 2
10 I hob kan Zins no zoid
11 Wirtshausregeln
12 Es woa net aufgstraad / Schnurlostelefonregenjodler
13 Gemma schaun
14 S spüt si o 3
15 Igentwie
16 Für Erwin


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